Thursday, September 22, 2005

Both homes also must do "Sai Gang

Hey pple i am home... all the way from Yew Tee... Have to help my father wif some household chores la... He is quite stressed himself having done this all week... so guess my filial instincts made me come home to help him out... Jus wish all the packing can be finished soon so that i can take a break.
I do not enjoy mopping the floor the moment i am home... neither do i like getting myself bz wif the broom or anything like that... I do not like being welcomed home in this manner...

Cheer up Keith.

Hey at least i will be meeting Gideon later on for a chat. Haven seen him for some time... he is back from Commandos training.. gotta check out how tough he is now.. heh..

Missed my QT yesterday night... gonna miss CG tmr due to COS duty... gotta spend some time wif God... but feel a little dry spiritually... Oh God please fill my spirit wif a miracle...

Kimura is out wif his latest drama "Engine". Not one of his normal heart touching dramatic shows but its heartwarming nevertheless... Still a good show for anyone who loves Kimura.

1st scene from "Engine"

And then there is "My Date With Vampire 3" ... Decided to save one entry specially for this one... Gotta catch both shows tmr on duty... least wont get so bored...

Good News - I finished mopping the floor. Bad News - Its about time to leave home... Cya man.


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