Saturday, September 24, 2005


Anger - The feeling whereby ur entire stomach if burning... u take harder breaths... And u think u will snap anytime.

I cant believe i can actually get pissed off outside work... I mean what else can be worse than to be running a one man office?? Well, i jus found out that road bullies have the potential to turn me into a frenzy in a much shorter time compared to work... 1st he repeatedly flashed his headlights at my car. When dad wanted to change lanes, he cut him deliberately wif malicious intent. And deliberately slowed down... we almost CRASHED!

Alrite. Fortunately we didnt. I can imagine the consequences that will befall on him should he get physical with me 1st. I really shouldnt be talkin abt all the saddistic thoughts that i have in mind... so lets jus take it that he will simply be taking the passenger seat for some while before he regains his health to drive. HEY i am not crapping around bcoz he is a baldie according to my sis. While yours truly is a trained hybrid of Taekwondo and Karate. To back it up my nickname in BMT was "PTI".
Enuff Said.

Really should have a gd talk wif God. Think he is quite upset wif my recent behaviour... Sigh...

James is flying off to Japan next week. James if u are reading this leave a day free for me next week. Be ready to hear from me soon yar?

Till next time...


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