Monday, May 14, 2007


Today marks the end of my 1 week holiday as i embark on my 2month Minor Program in Entrepreuneurship.. I have heard stories of how tough it is going to get.. how i wont have time for anything else but project deadlines...I pray that this will not be true for me.. I am glad to have made friends on the way..

New Friends Zac and Kian Teong

Went to my Grandma's grave on saturday.. i am glad to see how the children and everyone in the family are still doing fine..

I love Spiderman 3.. I love the moral of the story.. on forgiveness.. strugglin with the inner demon inside u..

I really really wanna improve on my dance skills this holiday... Hope that my minor wont kill me..

Met up with dearest Natasha today.. Had a great time with her.. Bought 2 shirts n she picked one of them..

My Choice - Rugged casual check

Sophie's Choice - Gentlemen Flower Motiffs
Friends and all.. Please pray that i can have time... to spend and rest..

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