Saturday, May 19, 2007

Week 1 report

End of my 1st week in the minor course, i must say though it is tough, i have learnt alot, made new friends and can still smile in the storm.. Afterall they said this road will only get tougher n tougher as it goes along.. so how could i possibly die now? Got an accounting test on monday and report deadline on wed...
Life is just so unpredictable... People come and go. This is a fact of life that i have to face up with sooner or later. Got usher duty tmr, followed by dance practice.. sigh.. have project meeting at night with Mike, then i still gotta study for e test tmr... WTH!
Celebrated Apple's bday at KTV. Gotta know my minor friends better as i build a new friendship. Pics to come as soon as i get them from Qing Ge.

"Every Super Hero is given a choice. Who do you choose to be??"

Me: "Black"

Thanks to David for doing this Spidey pic for me. Learnt a great deal from him!

Original Tobey Maguire

More pics to come..


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