Monday, September 26, 2005

Day Off...

Yeah... today got a surprising day off! So shall book my driving lesson! But boss seems reluctant for me to go off... guess he needs my help.. so shall go back to office later tonight to see if i can clean up any undone stuff.

Finally realised that when something dun work. It jus wont work no matter how many times u try. The odds are stacked against me as always and I can never turn the tables... HAix ... This jus further brings down my already low self esteem...

Hey but heck? I finally managed to upload the pics! So these are for all who missed the action on sunday at Kelly's bday, in particular. (We were also celebrating Gidong's release from "prison", which only then u will understand wat is happening)

New eagerly accepts Gidong to society by presenting him with a "yellow ribbon".. erm balloon

Hey but wait! He decides to "blow up" the ribbon into one of more significant size!

Tk "punks" him out by sticking yellow ribbon on unsuspecting Gidong

Finally Bday gal Kelly takes a pic with her Poly Pals

DICT 28 special operation forces

Why class 28 left only us?!

things u nv got to see in poly - brazen New proposing to Kelly!

but in the end... New gets together wif tikee1 !

Well tts abt all folks... it took me quite some effort to upload the pics due to stubborn blogger features... so hope u all enjoyed it!


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