Sunday, June 11, 2006

Day before church camp...

Gonna leave for my 1st church camp tmr. Its really kinda exciting to be away from the world... just to have that taste of heaven... i look forward to spending this time hearing from God and to build a better bond with my church mates..

No this aint the hotel i will be staying in for church camp. Its Shangri-la Hotel. Watch the world cup in your bath tub!
Breakfast like this? Maybe...
So many things have happened recently.. upsets me greatly to see those dear to me hurt. But God kinda said, "This is just another episode of life that will be over soon"; guess i just have to pray.

Tricia n I

Natasha has moved on the working adults... will miss her dearly...

"Though people come and go, my friend stays forever..." -Keith

CG outing.


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