Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Post Xmas. Countdown to 2006

This Xmas, i danced for God, i saw my parents attend service. Though there were no thrills and spills... no fancy parties, all the Xmas hype and stuff, I felt it was a meaningful Xmas. I had friends, family and nice people around. Guess its a good way to end the year.

Really big thanks to all who came to watch me dance. My family, Kelvin, Kang Wei, Chiow and Jarrod. U r a great encouragement for me and i am sure u will see better performances from me in future.
From left: Aaron, ChinHao, Me, (Sharon),Eugene, Loyalle
My pals who came to support!
Give thanks to God for my boss Ivan's arrived on earth on Xmas Day! Can really see a smile and joy in his face that i seldom get to see in office.
Had a nice dinner with my Church Family. Looks like God is showing me the path to go... and i can see where he is pointing towards...


At 1:14 AM, Blogger m i n m i n said...

hey hey...hi,lin min here.remember me??

just drop by to say hi !

At 3:01 AM, Blogger Keith said...

Of Coz I remember u dear. Thanks for visiting. So glad to receive a msg from ya! Hope everythings going fine for ya at e moment. =)


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