Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year '06

For the 1st time in my life i counted down to the New Year. Spending it with Brighton seemed special, especially when we had a CG session at my house before setting of together in Katong Hostel. I never have been known to be one who can really dress up like some Superstar, but I did try to look exceptionally good for our Church New Yr Celebration. It was fun, erm yeah i really kinda enjoyed it haha.
Sophia wif Scaredy the Cat
CG all present minus Loyalle (Pls check out my the girl far right from bottom dressed in green wearing a scary expression on her face. HAHA thats cool!)
Double C (Carol N Chin Teck) wif K
Whos that nerd in the middle?!

Oh btw, welcome to 2006. Sophia brought out a gd point - we are just 40 years to 2046. Hah. This is gonna be a year of changes and happenings. I look forward to lots of good things to come this year. Just remember folks, God will make a way; when there seems to be no way... Faith is all you need... So just let God take the lead.


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