Sunday, April 23, 2006

Store your treasures in Heaven, not on earth...

How was the past 2 mths?? Disastrous absolutely... if failing driving isnt enough, losing my new N70 isnt bad enough... maybe losing my cross chain would just spell the meaning of Disastrous. God perhaps taught me to learn how to let go off the treasures on earth and start storing the treasures in heaven.

Its coming to the end of April... leaving me with 12weeks before i disrupt National Service for NTU. Oh God please keep me in your arms during this period of time...

Once again i confess that i am bad with words, thus explaining my short writings on my blog. But i have been reading books with hope that i can learn to write with more flair and substance. For now, let the pictures do the talking.

Its Wilson's Bday
So Happy to be with entire CG and KElviN
Phillips "Last Supper"


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