Sunday, July 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Keigo

Its my Birthday today. Felt the love of my CG, my friends who called me to wish me happy birthday... SMSes.. Had a CG bbq with Eugene, Jeremy, Kelvin and Kang Wei. Wish Joseph Deng, Natasha, Tricia, 108 n some Sec/Pri sch frens were here. That would be quite complete. Had dinner with my family yesterday - Quality Time well spent.

Never had so many Birthday presents in a very very long time... but this bday i got...

An Adidas Tee from Kang Wei and Kelvin!

CoffeeBean Card from my Sis!

And a BOOK from CG!

Tie from Sophia!

What a happening start to the month of July! Just 3 weeks to disruption and beginning of School!

To Be Continued...


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