Friday, June 16, 2006

Post Camp Review

Back from the camp and i must say it is a real culture shock for me. Totally different from what i had expected it to be... Sermon after sermon has caused me to feel like i am in a school, as i struggle to keep myself awake; It was almost as if i was "slain" due to the intense mental condition my mind was put in as i constantly "ran" towards God. Nevertheless, i took back with me many precious messages that i shall constantly meditate on.

Never knew games are that intense and physical in church. Okay so now i know. Period.

Thanks to Natasha, Joe for keeping me company on the night i got food poisoning. Thanks to Kah Fei and Jiamin for takin me to the hospital. Thanks bro Loyalle for taking care of me during my journey back to Singapore... And to everyone who in one way or another prayed for my safety. I truly appreciate drinking water off my tap now.
Natasha had jus received the "gift of healing"!

And Loyalle took care of me till he too "knocked out"

Coming to the end of the 1st half of 2006... 2nd half READY?! Get ready to start my engine... Brmmm.... Brmmm!

Cya There.....


At 8:17 AM, Blogger Tricia said...

I no longer am a part of this.


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