Thursday, October 06, 2005

What a week...

Man, quite a week of happenings... I cant really remember how long its been since i last got so much much scoldings from other high rankings... but this week has been a bad week for work.

My boss has taken urgent leave to settle some business in Malaysia... supposed to be back today..but he smsed me yesterday to help him extend it till end of week... I am seriously worried for him... and prayed yesterday for his well being.. he's like an elder brother to me... Lets see how things go next monday...

Crashed and burned during driving lessons today... i hope my driving will improve... and i can have a miracle on my driving test on 24Nov.. *Prays*

Happy Belated Bday Sis. Tell me what can bro get for ya present? May the lord bless u in ur work so that u can have more time to spend on other things...

Sigh... tired ... Lets hope friday will be beta..


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