Saturday, July 29, 2006

one day

This goes to ...
"My two eyes only look at youMy two ears only hear news about you
And my two silly feet no matter how hard I try, they don't move
My heart seems to have stopped the time we went our separate ways
I'm still insufficient- not ready to forget you.
So it's a good thing that you left such a selfish guy, good thing you forgot me.
I'll try to survive and endure, and even try to forget you.
So that my childlike/immature/naive heart and two longer can search/find you...
Wow... Baby how did we end up hereYou know it’s funny. I just miss you so much.
I still remember holding you kissing you.I could still see you right here lying in my arms.
Baby I’m waiting for youI just want you to know. I love you.
One day passes and another, I'll probably be the silly I am...
and even as the years go by..
I'll probably be the same.
I'll try to forget and even reminisce, probably even cry.
My silly heart continues, not realizing that you're no longer here."

Love is just too ma fan la... causing heartaches all over. So try not to fall in love so soon, until u r sure u can keep it.


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