Tuesday, July 17, 2007

So long since i last blogged..

Ok got tons to write about.. lets just say i am happy that my entrepreneurship minor is finally put on hold till next sem and i finally get my deserved break for 3 weeks. YES!
I am a little 'addicted' to transformers now.. everone wants a piece of it.. yes and this year from zero transformers.. i suddenly own 4 now! Lets not talk abt how much i spent on it.. but yes lets say i am jus happy that my childhood wish is fulfilled

Optimus Prime - From the movie
Hot Rod - Bday Gift from CG
Prowl Honda Integra Version
Ravage Corvette Version

Ah yes.. my bday was just over.. Nice comfy dinner at fish n co. Wanna thank my frens for e presents that i was blessed with.

Natasha - Bible Promise Book; Kelvin - Levi's Tee; Aunt - T-Shirt & Belt; Felicia - Korean Chopsticks & Photo Frame. Mum & Dad & Sis - Ang Bao; NTU Comp Eng bros - Wallet; CG - Transformers Hot Rod

Feel really blessed... A little lazy to blog.. but yeah next few weeks b4 sch starts i will be bz.. time is precious.. gotta spend it well.. n yes gotta spend my money wisely.. no more transformers till i make some cash.. Till then i guess i can 'transform' myself heh


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