Sunday, December 11, 2005

Movie Recommendation "Be With You"

On a quiet saturday night where i was doing COS duty (some army duty la). I finally managed to buy the VCD "Be With You". I have been thinking hard whether to buy the DVD version or VCD but in the end... decided to go budget. And there i sat alone in front of the flickering screen... its been awhile since i watched a movie without being disturbed...

If u are a person who likes action/humour/horror/special effects etc etc. I am afraid this show will bore u... bcos this show... only has the ability to touch your heart... to make it feel warm, to bring u to dreamland and wrench your heart; to cry for the male and female lead...

Synopsis: Japan's no. 1 actress, the charming Takeuchi Yuko (The Ring, Yomigaeri Resurrection) portrays the tragically deceased Mio. Her husband Takumi (Nakamura Shidou) and his 6-year old son Yuji (Takei Akashi) try to make the best out of this unfortunate circumstance living each day in silent remembrance of the beautiful days they cherished together with Mio as they desperately cling on to her final words, a promise that she will return on a rainy day. Exactly one year after Mio left them Yuji and his father observe a strangely familiar woman walking out from the pouring rain...

My Rating: As the show moves... it takes u into the simple life of Takumi and Mio and it touches your heart with their simple but deep love they have for each other... not realistic but definitley heartwarming watching the way Yuji and Takumi care for each other as father and son.

*****/***** 5 of 5


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