Monday, November 28, 2005


It is indeed amazing how God works in your life through amazing ways... Its just that sometimes we take them for granted.. or we choose to belive its just a coincidence.

I think whenever we send a prayer request, the 1st to see it is God. He will then decide on the appropriate action to take. When we pray for our friends and loved ones, it is like "persuading" our father to fulfill their prayers? Somethings i think it this way... since in God's eyes we are all his children, so sometimes we need to persuade our loving heavenly father on certain decisions as he enjoys hearing from us too.

Anyway i thank God for hearing this prayer of mine to help me in my work. In general, I have got work relieved off me for the time being. and i choose to believe in better things to come!

Going back to camp in about 5 mins. This song by Jay is very nice - "Wind". Listen to it.


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