Saturday, July 29, 2006

Finally its over...

I am out of army for now. Thank God. Hell with army. To my bros Kelvin, Guna and all the NSFs... hang in there... with each passing day u know u r inching closer towards the end of this Hell Ride.. u can see the light that represents freedom... more importantly, u will be back to "pink" soon.

Take care my dearest bro Kelvin, without u for the past yr i wouldnt know how i am going to survive the hell.. My stay in buddy, my dinner kaki, my shopping/image consultant. HAHa wat else??? Thanks for everything you have done for me, the things you have taught me I will always remember... U r a great guy, dun ever think tt u belong to the dark side, cos God loves us all the same...

Staff OOI, when everyone was trying to put me down, u lifted me up. U taught me the ropes without once imposing your rank on me. I will never forget the times we stayed late in office rushing all the pointless work together. We will then have a few drinks with WaTan and watch VCDs in the messroom. U r a genius staff, I shall await ur ORD and then the 2 powers shall combine once again... Congrats on ur baby boy.. its a xmas baby... must have a reason for it..

Gunalan, u r the only person who has ever shown me respect for my rank. I thank u for that. I am glad to have met you. Dun let other pple tekan u wif sai gang anymore k? u r the "Ice-Cube" of SB.

Tang/Harpal - the 2 new "Sark Cork" buddies of SB after Me n Kelvin. Stick close n enjoy the friendship that u both have found. Take care of Edmund also once in awhile la haha.

Lucas/Sooltap/Heng - You 3 have been nice to me. Thanks for being generous with me. Wayne thanks for being so cooperative with me in office. Lucas - thanks for being like a "big brother"; if u know what i mean.

My brothers of "zeng-heng" - Ong, Ah huat, James, Roy, Allan Tay. Thank you for not drawing a clear NSF/Regular line in between me. Thanks for the times and memories we had drinking. I shall toast to our friendship.

Ernest/WaiKay/Ryan - Didnt get to spend much time with you all. Take care of each other there n continue to do things with your head held high.

Jerry - U OKAY leh. Jia you regular batch mate... New Sky Earth outing must jio me. Haha

Blogspot cant upload my pics.. this is irritatin...


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