Sunday, September 17, 2006

6 Weeks

How is Keith after 6 weeks of school; 6 weeks out of army? Bottomline: School no matter how stressful, tiring, boring etc can never get worse than being in army. So cheers to that!

Next week is my eagerly awaited 1week term break. Time to catch up on ALL my subjects. yea.. i am lagging behind each and everyone of them. I love econs. maybe its the easiest subject to study, or maybe i am jus more inclined towards the business. But i love the challenge i am getting now of being in a tough course. I shall aim for my best and let god do the rest.

I miss my buddies in sch, poly, 108 and army. Have not met them ever since sch started. Bros, u r all dear to me, when i finally settle all my sch work i promise that we shall meet up yar?

Conversation on Friday

CG: "What do you do when you face a difficult time/struggle?"

Keigo: "I fight to overcome it"

CG: "Do you pray about it, for God to help you?"

Keigo: "Yes"

CG: "Do you trust that God will help you if you seek him?"

Keigo: "Yes, but i will do all i can with my own strength to overcome the difficulty as well. God is not someone who creates miracles as an when he wants i think? Neither is he a Genie."

CG: "What keeps you going on in a time of difficulty?"

Keigo: "Clinging on to the hope that one day it will eventually be over"

Something they didnt ask - "What would make you strong?"
I am not a person who can be strong all the time, but i do know that when i have something close to my heart that i want to protect, that there is someone out there i want to bring a smile to... thats when i truly become strong.

Can i still consider myself a christian when its not totally God that makes me strong? I haf to confess that God has really changed my life for better eversince i welcomed him back to my life. Thank you God, this life of mine - i owe it to you. You have brought hope to my life.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
-1Cor 13:13


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