Sunday, September 10, 2006


Finally, i get a chance to see SHINHWA live... somehow it wasnt as good as i had expected it to be... being seated at the less "enthu" corner, i guess the rest wasnt as hyped about it as i was. I finally get to see the "dance machine" M - aka Lee Minwoo strutting his groove... awesome!! Shinhwa as a whole package is great but honestly M alone was enough to bring the house down.
Couldnt take good pictures as the seating wasnt near enough...

Dance Machine M

Seeing them dance makes me wanna get back to the dance studio n improve my dance, but time is not on my side now... gotta catch up wif my studies n prepare for my lab test this comin tues. My left knee is injured as well, cant even climb up stairs without feeling pain. I need to recover soon, Xmas is coming... if all goes well - a Dance project will be on its way.


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