Friday, November 18, 2005

Cool Good Fellowship. Thanksgiving

Though the week is hectic. Though i am literally bz until i need to split myself to be in different places at same time, i am glad for the pple i have around me and i am glad i constantly spent quiet time with God. Thanks Staff Ooi for helping me in my armoury. The care and friendship we have built over these few months will definitley last and continue to grow even after I ORD. Haha haven got to take picture with him yet. But life in army is definitley better bcos of U. =)

Had dinner wif Pat, Trish, NatAsha and Yong Qing and Phillip joined us later at WEstMall. Had good time knowing them better. I hope this is not the last time i ask them out.

Dance team - Guys i am dancing on Xmas for a church drama. Please Come and Support!

My New CG

TEAM BRiGhtON Dance Ministry


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