Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Stress = Whinning + Acne

This is very tiring for a tuesday. Felt like a childish kid complaining and whinning the whole day and i started getting on the nerves of others... started digging on the past to my colleagues which may have affected their good impression of me. Haiz. Sometimes it cant be helped when you are running the whole show on your own, when there is a sudden loss of 3 colleagues. Dave on ORD leave, YeoYI recovering from bike accident, Heng on course. Bo pian la...

Had a good time with my boss though, watched 2 movies on VCD with him and Allan. Funny seeing how they laugh, makes me wanna laugh too.

This few weeks alot alot of people's bday. Kang Wei and Jun Long's bday. Next Week Yuling and Wei Jie's bday. My oh my... let me celebrate with a driving pass!!

Speaking about pass... got a double promotion for my taekwondo grading... Now a green belt le.. yeah.. may the Lord bless me with a driving pass on 24 Nov ...

May each week pass sooner... this is really starting to take a physical and mental toll of me...

P.S. - Uploaded a "My Date With A Vampire" Banner. Cool?? Took out the "Beautiful Life" words..


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