Sunday, November 13, 2005

Time to get things back on track wif God

There have been a couple of times i heard this statement being made to me - "Who says being a Christian needs to go to church? I am still a Christian even without going to church. There are many so called "Christians" who go church just for the sake of it so what difference does it make?"

Finally. After being dumbfounded by this remark that intially made sense to me, i think i have a reply to them. Listen to this good. Definitely being a Christian doesnt mean going to Church on sundays only. We go to church because (1) it is a place where Christians gather together to praise and worship God. I emphasize that it is us Christians gathering together as one whereby we continue to stand firm in this world where the Devil rules today. If u arent going to church on sundays, what do you think you are doing? Sleeping at home? Watching TV? Doing your own things? (2) Going to Church is a form of love action whereby you take a few hours of your time dedicated to God instead of doing all the other stuffs mentioned earlier. So you see? Going to church means more than just going for the sake of it, Christians get together to (3) hear each of our own daily struggles with our walk wif God, our battle against sin and we will Pray against it for each other. In this world where the devil is king, we Christians are deemed "weird" whereby SIN such as anger and lust should not be committed. These sin may seem so common to the world today and thus (4)if we do not have church/christian friends to account for, one day you may just decide to turn your back on the promises you gave to God as we are born human and we are born to SIN!

I conclude that church is definitley more than just going for the sake of it. I do not deny that there are christians that go to church for other reasons such as their friends, bgr etc BUT there is no denying that Church is essential in sustaining us Christians in the Spiritual War going on.

Brighton Community Church is where I attend church and no matter what difficult circumstances i shall pray with God to help me overcome it. This week is a week i dedicate to God - I pray against vulgarities, against anger, against bitterness, against gossip, against frustration.

'I put on the armour of God and i shall overcome my enemies with Love. Not Hate'


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