Sunday, February 05, 2006

Things to look forward to...

Been sometime since i last blogged a proper entry. Things r gonna get real bz this month. But i do hope that i am gonna pass my driving on 2 Mar. Oh God i need u favour to grant me skill.

I am really feeling optimistic about the things God is going to bless me with this year. This year is a yr of great expectations and i am lookin forward to many things. I believe God will help me grow in my faith and love towards people. I believe that when someone has hurt you deeply, we can forgive but indeed forgetting is difficult. Why does the bitter sour feeling still linger down my throat as i try to swallow it with grace? Oh God i ask that u will grant me faith n grace this yr as this is my spiritual resolution for the year.

What i will be looking forward to after passing my driving would definitley be my disruption from army. Indeed the 19mths in the "Green Inferno" has moulded me to be a better and stronger man. I truly understand the saying of 'Army is where boys become men' now after going through it.

Next i hope that my house "merger" will be completed my late May. There has been lots of talk but little action and i do hope we can step up with the renovations and my family can live together again. haha.

Following that is gonna be the start of my Uni Sem! Oh how much i have looked forward to my uni life and indeed i thank God for blessing me with the Computer Engineering Course. Rumours has it said of it being very tough and taxing, but i believe God will put me up for the challenge! Fun fun fun!

So folks, so much to look forward to this year... not forgetting church camp... worship team and many more! Do wish me all the best this year yar??