Thursday, June 21, 2007

Its over..

Sigh.. guess its all over.. I am surprised actually by how quick it started and ended.. I do not have an answer; neither do i know it.. guess somethings are better left unsaid.. I am surprised at how emotions n feelings came despite our various differences..

I wonder what would have happened if i didnt have to leave... Now i will never know..

I knew i was ready to go all out.. But i knew too late..

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Gone for church camp. Back on 18th

Hey people, i am gone for church camp... be back on the 18th. Take care everyone...

(Drink more water. Take proper meals. Be praying for you.)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturdays with

Watched Spiderman again.. i cant seem to get sick of that show.. so meaningful and touching..

Had an lunch at this jap restaurant that is not up to standard... her stomach was suffering from gastric problems.. worried she would throw up... but i was feelin abit jaded from the lack of sleep..

Back home now.. gotta do research on the google case study.. n sleep early! NIght..

"It is the choices that makes us who we are and we can always choose to do whats right"
-Peter Parker

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thanks to..

Passed all again... D+ for maths e scary part... Thanks to all who prayed for me, who cheered for me, who believed in me. God who watched me when i was fighting to pass, thank you for not letting me die... Special thanks to my church mates who prayed .. Natasha, Yong Qing, Sharon, Jiamin, Pat, Cheri, Li Kai, John, Char etc etc

I am the "Genius of Hard Work".. friends, family, lets hope the legacy goes on...

EN103: Managing New and Ongoing Ventures

Crazy 2 presentations in 2 weeks.. now i know what its like to truly have sleepless nights.. i am still not used physically to not have at least 6hrs of sleep. Been working on our presentation since wednesday morning till this morning about 730am.. where my nose started to breakdown.. then me.. shockingly slept till 1230. Rushed down to change and prepare.. the team is AWESOME man. Cheers! I really believe now that true colours are shown in difficult times. My team was tired, demoralised, beaten down, sick, stressed. But we never gave up! We never blamed each other! ITs been one hell of a ride guys.. KEvin, Delvin, Denise, Leon, Zac, Steward.. I will never forget the times we spent in sauna ADM. i salute your cooperation, ur desire for excellence and the team comaradie that we have shown. We kicked ass today at the presentation. Really kicked some serious ass.