Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New life

Exams round the corner... still got tons to study.. projects not over... well anyway i am not here to blog or lament about exams and studies.. there is more to this than life. I am so glad i made it to modern jazz.. i believe i should be a better dancer in time to come..

Feel different these days.. having led a life so shitty in the past, i cant help but feel content of my standard of living now. Yet i know of the things that i am short of and i am going to earn it myself.

My beloved fren attempted suicide last week. I do not know the reason why, maybe i am not old enough for him to believe that telling me will help his situation. I will do my best to be by his side...

Phillip has left the church, i wish him the all the best in life.

Yes i am still into transformers and it is now a hobby i should haf started earlier if i had more money.

Life is short, you come to this world with nothing and you will leave this world with nothing. Be happy with what you have and the people who you treasure for one moment they could be gone..

Say no to Computer Engine. Damn bloody Hell Hole