Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oops i failed again...

Man... failed driving yet again! Sigh... not very promising start to the new year... disappointed as i may be... i shall give it another shot... hopefully before church camp...

Haven updated for exactly one mth now... life is cool... someone tell me when is easter... got a dance item supposedly.. but Pat says she most probably needs the gals only.. oh well we shall see.

lets take a look at what i have been up with for month of Feb yar??

CG outing at Settler's Cafe
Lunch with long time fren John(he's camera shy)
Out with Kelvin in Allan's Car
Community Penetration at Whampoa
Wilson has been bugging me to go gym and whoot ah!

So seems like a fruitful month. Decided to start reading abit on my french and see if i can make something out of it... Only thing that is bad was my driving... lets all hope i make it on my 3rd attempt! Till next time...