Saturday, July 29, 2006

Finally its over...

I am out of army for now. Thank God. Hell with army. To my bros Kelvin, Guna and all the NSFs... hang in there... with each passing day u know u r inching closer towards the end of this Hell Ride.. u can see the light that represents freedom... more importantly, u will be back to "pink" soon.

Take care my dearest bro Kelvin, without u for the past yr i wouldnt know how i am going to survive the hell.. My stay in buddy, my dinner kaki, my shopping/image consultant. HAHa wat else??? Thanks for everything you have done for me, the things you have taught me I will always remember... U r a great guy, dun ever think tt u belong to the dark side, cos God loves us all the same...

Staff OOI, when everyone was trying to put me down, u lifted me up. U taught me the ropes without once imposing your rank on me. I will never forget the times we stayed late in office rushing all the pointless work together. We will then have a few drinks with WaTan and watch VCDs in the messroom. U r a genius staff, I shall await ur ORD and then the 2 powers shall combine once again... Congrats on ur baby boy.. its a xmas baby... must have a reason for it..

Gunalan, u r the only person who has ever shown me respect for my rank. I thank u for that. I am glad to have met you. Dun let other pple tekan u wif sai gang anymore k? u r the "Ice-Cube" of SB.

Tang/Harpal - the 2 new "Sark Cork" buddies of SB after Me n Kelvin. Stick close n enjoy the friendship that u both have found. Take care of Edmund also once in awhile la haha.

Lucas/Sooltap/Heng - You 3 have been nice to me. Thanks for being generous with me. Wayne thanks for being so cooperative with me in office. Lucas - thanks for being like a "big brother"; if u know what i mean.

My brothers of "zeng-heng" - Ong, Ah huat, James, Roy, Allan Tay. Thank you for not drawing a clear NSF/Regular line in between me. Thanks for the times and memories we had drinking. I shall toast to our friendship.

Ernest/WaiKay/Ryan - Didnt get to spend much time with you all. Take care of each other there n continue to do things with your head held high.

Jerry - U OKAY leh. Jia you regular batch mate... New Sky Earth outing must jio me. Haha

Blogspot cant upload my pics.. this is irritatin...

one day

This goes to ...
"My two eyes only look at youMy two ears only hear news about you
And my two silly feet no matter how hard I try, they don't move
My heart seems to have stopped the time we went our separate ways
I'm still insufficient- not ready to forget you.
So it's a good thing that you left such a selfish guy, good thing you forgot me.
I'll try to survive and endure, and even try to forget you.
So that my childlike/immature/naive heart and two longer can search/find you...
Wow... Baby how did we end up hereYou know it’s funny. I just miss you so much.
I still remember holding you kissing you.I could still see you right here lying in my arms.
Baby I’m waiting for youI just want you to know. I love you.
One day passes and another, I'll probably be the silly I am...
and even as the years go by..
I'll probably be the same.
I'll try to forget and even reminisce, probably even cry.
My silly heart continues, not realizing that you're no longer here."

Love is just too ma fan la... causing heartaches all over. So try not to fall in love so soon, until u r sure u can keep it.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Keigo (2)

Backed with pics of my bday BBQ. Had my 1st ever "dunking" by my pals. Loyalle was unfortunate to go down with me. Hah. Jes was such an entertainer that nite; making us laugh with her humour and "ignorance" about army.

PArt 1: BBQ preparation...

Part 2: Captured and Dunked...Loyalle wasnt spared...

Part 3: Cake Cutting/Photo Taking

Haiz. Blogger cant upload the other pics...

To be continued...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Keigo

Its my Birthday today. Felt the love of my CG, my friends who called me to wish me happy birthday... SMSes.. Had a CG bbq with Eugene, Jeremy, Kelvin and Kang Wei. Wish Joseph Deng, Natasha, Tricia, 108 n some Sec/Pri sch frens were here. That would be quite complete. Had dinner with my family yesterday - Quality Time well spent.

Never had so many Birthday presents in a very very long time... but this bday i got...

An Adidas Tee from Kang Wei and Kelvin!

CoffeeBean Card from my Sis!

And a BOOK from CG!

Tie from Sophia!

What a happening start to the month of July! Just 3 weeks to disruption and beginning of School!

To Be Continued...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

30 Days

Finally my parents have their own bed in the house and i am glad to see them sleeping comfortably at night in air conditioned rooms. I am thankful to my Dad for installing great Air conditions in all our rooms in this time of crazy hot weather. This week has been a tiring week at work with lots of demands from my superiors.

Had another lesson of Hip Hop with Patricia and Lta Wang at 'Jitterbugs'. Dance instructor looked so cool with her groove and energy which i cannot bring out. That brings me to realise that a good dance comes with practice. I am sure over time my moves will only get slicker and smoother.

Its 30 days to Disruption. Countdown starts now.

The spiritual climate all over is currently at "Low"