Monday, November 28, 2005


It is indeed amazing how God works in your life through amazing ways... Its just that sometimes we take them for granted.. or we choose to belive its just a coincidence.

I think whenever we send a prayer request, the 1st to see it is God. He will then decide on the appropriate action to take. When we pray for our friends and loved ones, it is like "persuading" our father to fulfill their prayers? Somethings i think it this way... since in God's eyes we are all his children, so sometimes we need to persuade our loving heavenly father on certain decisions as he enjoys hearing from us too.

Anyway i thank God for hearing this prayer of mine to help me in my work. In general, I have got work relieved off me for the time being. and i choose to believe in better things to come!

Going back to camp in about 5 mins. This song by Jay is very nice - "Wind". Listen to it.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Thanks for all the cheers and support given, all those smses and your prayers. Defeat has befallen on me once again, as i failed my driving test. Currently trying to pick up the pieces ... but life goes on... If the first you dun succeed, you can always pick it up and try again...

I will be back. Better than ever.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Minor Eye Infection = $30 / Driving License = Priceless

I feel i spent too much this month le... hundreds of dollars on driving lessons... tmr is my test.. i really need Gods blessing for tmr.. have a smooth ride and get my license please..

Now surprisingly at home.. had a minor sore eye which infected 3 other pple.. Boss chased me home in case it spreads more.. but seeing the doctor killed me.. robbing me of 30 dollars of something which can be cured with just more sleep.

This is terribly boring to be at home with nothing to do... Think i need to spend more time reading rather than watching. Finish the book Trisha lent me and i will have accomplished reading my 1st book in more than 3 years.

Whole mind is filled with passing my driving test tmr... God please grant my wish...

Friday, November 18, 2005

Cool Good Fellowship. Thanksgiving

Though the week is hectic. Though i am literally bz until i need to split myself to be in different places at same time, i am glad for the pple i have around me and i am glad i constantly spent quiet time with God. Thanks Staff Ooi for helping me in my armoury. The care and friendship we have built over these few months will definitley last and continue to grow even after I ORD. Haha haven got to take picture with him yet. But life in army is definitley better bcos of U. =)

Had dinner wif Pat, Trish, NatAsha and Yong Qing and Phillip joined us later at WEstMall. Had good time knowing them better. I hope this is not the last time i ask them out.

Dance team - Guys i am dancing on Xmas for a church drama. Please Come and Support!

My New CG

TEAM BRiGhtON Dance Ministry

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Time to get things back on track wif God

There have been a couple of times i heard this statement being made to me - "Who says being a Christian needs to go to church? I am still a Christian even without going to church. There are many so called "Christians" who go church just for the sake of it so what difference does it make?"

Finally. After being dumbfounded by this remark that intially made sense to me, i think i have a reply to them. Listen to this good. Definitely being a Christian doesnt mean going to Church on sundays only. We go to church because (1) it is a place where Christians gather together to praise and worship God. I emphasize that it is us Christians gathering together as one whereby we continue to stand firm in this world where the Devil rules today. If u arent going to church on sundays, what do you think you are doing? Sleeping at home? Watching TV? Doing your own things? (2) Going to Church is a form of love action whereby you take a few hours of your time dedicated to God instead of doing all the other stuffs mentioned earlier. So you see? Going to church means more than just going for the sake of it, Christians get together to (3) hear each of our own daily struggles with our walk wif God, our battle against sin and we will Pray against it for each other. In this world where the devil is king, we Christians are deemed "weird" whereby SIN such as anger and lust should not be committed. These sin may seem so common to the world today and thus (4)if we do not have church/christian friends to account for, one day you may just decide to turn your back on the promises you gave to God as we are born human and we are born to SIN!

I conclude that church is definitley more than just going for the sake of it. I do not deny that there are christians that go to church for other reasons such as their friends, bgr etc BUT there is no denying that Church is essential in sustaining us Christians in the Spiritual War going on.

Brighton Community Church is where I attend church and no matter what difficult circumstances i shall pray with God to help me overcome it. This week is a week i dedicate to God - I pray against vulgarities, against anger, against bitterness, against gossip, against frustration.

'I put on the armour of God and i shall overcome my enemies with Love. Not Hate'

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Stress = Whinning + Acne

This is very tiring for a tuesday. Felt like a childish kid complaining and whinning the whole day and i started getting on the nerves of others... started digging on the past to my colleagues which may have affected their good impression of me. Haiz. Sometimes it cant be helped when you are running the whole show on your own, when there is a sudden loss of 3 colleagues. Dave on ORD leave, YeoYI recovering from bike accident, Heng on course. Bo pian la...

Had a good time with my boss though, watched 2 movies on VCD with him and Allan. Funny seeing how they laugh, makes me wanna laugh too.

This few weeks alot alot of people's bday. Kang Wei and Jun Long's bday. Next Week Yuling and Wei Jie's bday. My oh my... let me celebrate with a driving pass!!

Speaking about pass... got a double promotion for my taekwondo grading... Now a green belt le.. yeah.. may the Lord bless me with a driving pass on 24 Nov ...

May each week pass sooner... this is really starting to take a physical and mental toll of me...

P.S. - Uploaded a "My Date With A Vampire" Banner. Cool?? Took out the "Beautiful Life" words..

Saturday, November 05, 2005


We are section 4 Pegasus Coy

Something is kinda wrong this week... its like having lots of things and thoughts on my mind... but yet i cant sort out what it is. Had been having lots of dreams but i cant remember them clearly what they are about either.. I smell very bz weeks ahead in office as Heng is going for course... leaving me to cover a 4 pple duty. Damn its sure going to be tough... pray i gotta be tough enough..

People tell me that i have little time left in army... but the 9months remaining seems like an eternity. Lately i have been hoping forward daily that the day will come.. when i can leave my office and go back NTU finally... but i look back.. a year ago where i was in Tekong in the jungle.. getting "tekaned" by incompetent 3Sgts. It felt like it was years ago already.. I can no longer remember the skills i have learnt... neither do i wish to remember the disgusting experiences i had in the Infantry. But i remember my friends who went through serious crap with me, and i thank them for being around for me. Those who encouraged me when i struggled, who gave me a hand when i found my limit being stretched. Thank you all. I wish that each and everyone of you who went through thick and thin are doing well and may we meet up for a reunion one day

Field camp. I cant even recognise which one is me.

Buddy CheeSian.. thanks for taking care of me, for lending me coins to buy drinks.. accompanying me to haunted toilet and for all the laughters we shared...

Getting really "shacked" during field camp

This week i had a nice dinner with Joseph on sunday to pre celebrate his bday.. its great talking to him.. our dreams... his fears and shock gossips... Joe and I have been through quite abit together eh? Glad to know he is in NTU as well... maybe we can fight hand in hand again in uni.. this time lets hope i am a more competent fighter.

Yes. Today its Grace's bday. Ooops i nv bought her a present! But i think i gave her a present that cant be bought already... Happy Bday Gal. I will be there for ya if u ever need me...

"A laughter a day keeps all worries away!"