Sunday, April 22, 2007

Vanness Kangta 127 days

Love this video... sometimes i feel like KangTa in the Mtv.. jus dun haf e guts to fight for my own love..

No Mood to Study

Sian sia no mood to study... after 2 weeks of hardcore muggin.. i think i have run out of steam.. "K" needs to regain his momentum.. been thinkin of fallin in love.. but then i have fear too.. of rejection.. controlling my feelings..

Flipped through my baby pictures.. saw pictures of my beloved Grandma and I.. Nv had the chance and courage to verbally tell her that i love her.. i hope my actions could speak on behalf of those words..

Monday, April 09, 2007

Remorseful Post

When i said that no one was an encouragement to me,
I was Lying.

The truth was, you all have been great thus far...

but i am confused...

In order to get a better idea, i decide to step out of the picture

To see this portrait of love, if truly i have a place in it...

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