Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Time of the year again...

Its the time where i start to get busy.. Dance, Hall, Projects projects and more projects.. damn it.. Thank God i made it into NTU Modern Jazz.. sch life isnt that boring now..

Labs and projs are just wasting so much of my time.. dunno wat use will my degree be in future.. jus take things as it come..

I am starting to find time really short these days.. everyday is a packed day.. wish i can just spend a day slacking at home.. doing the things i want.. have some more money to spend on the things i like. (Transformers, Clothes, Food)
Below is my Transformers Binaltech series collection. Iwont say how much i spent but its definitley beyond anyone's imagination. But i am pretty sure i wont be spending anymore on old collectibles(they cost alot now bcos they were cheap 3-4years ago)

I really want to be smarter and be of help to my project mates.. but really i cant understand much abt engineering subjects.. i wonder why i am here.. is it really fate and God's plan?? Damn demoralising at times to feel useless and a "free rider"..