Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Story of a boy with no talent

I believe if you lack talent, hard work can make up of it. This sentence means alot to me. Today i submitted my 2nd blank answer script for Java. I think i did not work hard enough; i was not focused enough when studying. This video cant describe any better to how i feel... Taken from the anime "Naruto". About a boy called Rock Lee who had no talents at all, but he had only one talent - n that is hardwork.

For me who lack talents, at least there is a door opened to me, and that is to work hard...thats a relieve. Just work hard.

Friday, October 06, 2006

One Night Only - Return of the Jedi

Wed Night, after Korean Class i received a call. Looking at my cell phone display, i see a familiar number that i would remember seeing everyday for the past 1 yr. I answered the phone.

K : "Hello, hey Wayne! Hows Life? What? Now? Where? Marina South?? Okay... Right! Lets just do this, for the good old times sake!

And so, i did something very untypical of me - spent 18 dollars taking a cab from NTU to Marina South to join my former army pals for a gathering.

Saw everyone looking well, Staff Teo and Staff Low has posted out; Sgt James is Ording; my patch mates Kelvin & Cheah Liang has orded... things have changed indeed...

Yeo Yi, u still drink like a girl! Wayne, Edmund u both haven changed much... Staff Ooi, forever my best staff, superior, elder bro in my stay in army. Thanks...

Had a little drinks, had fun... just like the good old days.. I couldnt sense the malicious atmosphere that i could so strongly feel in the office camp... Its like as if we didnt suffer at all... but i guess its only through difficult times that we can truly build a bond...

Army turns boys to men.
People come and go, but the memories we had together is forever...

Huat, me, Ong
Staff Ooi - the one and only