Thursday, May 24, 2007

5am in the morning...

Just finished my work for my upcoming project... Going to sleep soon.. It may be tough, but strangely i am happy =)

Played with photoshop again.. This time i did wolverine.. not as good as spidey, but satisfied with my 1st product.

So speaking of wolverine.. i felt that we were similar in someways.. so i wikipediaed Wolverine to find out about his character.. and this is what if found:

"Wolverine is private and often gruff but, despite popular belief, does not enjoy killing or giving into his berserker rages. Logan adheres to a firm code of personal honor and morality, despite often displaying a rebellious and irreverent attitude. Coincidentally, Wolverine seems to defy authority on any team he is on. However, he has proven time and time again of being a valuable and reliable teammate. He has had many romantic relationships with numerous women throughout the decades, most of which aren't known. His most meaningful have included Itsu, Silver Fox, Mariko Yashida, and a flirtation with Jean Grey. He has found a family in the X-Men and provides a father figure to Kitty Pryde and Jubilee."

Green: What i believe to be similar

Red: Hmmm?? Doubtful; Not for me to judge

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Week 1 report

End of my 1st week in the minor course, i must say though it is tough, i have learnt alot, made new friends and can still smile in the storm.. Afterall they said this road will only get tougher n tougher as it goes along.. so how could i possibly die now? Got an accounting test on monday and report deadline on wed...
Life is just so unpredictable... People come and go. This is a fact of life that i have to face up with sooner or later. Got usher duty tmr, followed by dance practice.. sigh.. have project meeting at night with Mike, then i still gotta study for e test tmr... WTH!
Celebrated Apple's bday at KTV. Gotta know my minor friends better as i build a new friendship. Pics to come as soon as i get them from Qing Ge.

"Every Super Hero is given a choice. Who do you choose to be??"

Me: "Black"

Thanks to David for doing this Spidey pic for me. Learnt a great deal from him!

Original Tobey Maguire

More pics to come..

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

One Man

Sadness... I find it hard to explain. Confusion... is what i am going thru. Maybe being in this minor is a good thing... then i will be too busy to feel anything...

There's a man. Who loves you so much.
There's a man. Who can't even say I love you.
I kept it all in my heart, just so that u wont go away
How wrong i was, for all good things must come to an end
I, who cherishes you more than myself,when i am with you.
To make you laugh, I think of only that and
When and where ever you are I'm watching you and missing you.
And who worries of only you,

There's a girl, who doesn't know I'm suffering like this.
Who receives love but doesn't even know that it is love.
Leaving you, who is as foolish as I and sad,
At this moment tears come
When i turn around, you're no longer by my side.

-Adapted by K

Feelin Damn SAD can??

Monday, May 14, 2007


Today marks the end of my 1 week holiday as i embark on my 2month Minor Program in Entrepreuneurship.. I have heard stories of how tough it is going to get.. how i wont have time for anything else but project deadlines...I pray that this will not be true for me.. I am glad to have made friends on the way..

New Friends Zac and Kian Teong

Went to my Grandma's grave on saturday.. i am glad to see how the children and everyone in the family are still doing fine..

I love Spiderman 3.. I love the moral of the story.. on forgiveness.. strugglin with the inner demon inside u..

I really really wanna improve on my dance skills this holiday... Hope that my minor wont kill me..

Met up with dearest Natasha today.. Had a great time with her.. Bought 2 shirts n she picked one of them..

My Choice - Rugged casual check

Sophie's Choice - Gentlemen Flower Motiffs
Friends and all.. Please pray that i can have time... to spend and rest..

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